Your Profile - A great way to reach job providers

Your Profile - A great way to reach job providers

Complete profile is a stronger profile

Why is it important to complete your profile on i12WRK?

Your profile on i12WRK is your ticket to find the right job. Creating a profile allows you to access all the jobs posted on the i12WRK platform and tells the employers how you see yourself professionally, about your skill sets and strengths.

Employers are always looking out for candidates. You need to make sure you’re highly visible to the employer and they have good reason to pick you.

Video cover letter: For jobs where you'll be interacting with clients, such as sales roles, makes clear that you are one who could walk into a business meeting and rock it.

A profile photo:  that looks professional and presents you as someone friendly and engaging is important for customer facing roles.

Work History: Including all the major accomplishments from each of your past jobs helps you stand out as relevant match from the specific industry.

Education and professional credentials:  Certifications, university degree makes your profile stronger

Your skills listing, languages known, driving license, current location, all are important so that the employer doesn’t filter you out before investing more time to know more about you.

Your profile gives you an opportunity to control what they discover about your strengths and having a complete profile increases your chances to be shortlisted.

Your profile information will appear across all of your applications and you don’t have to re-enter this basic information every time. Plus it’s free, and it only takes about 30 minutes to complete a profile. So why wait?