What you need to know about Skype interviews?

What you need to know about Skype interviews?

Plan with these tips for a smooth conversation with your interviewer

Employers are using Skype or video interviews to screen the candidates before they bring them for final face-to-face or in some cases even the final interviews are done virtually. While you’ll face the same questions as they ask in any interview, there are some important steps you should take to prepare.


Be Technically Prepared

- Find out what video conferencing platform will be used - SkypeZoom or Google Hangouts. Make sure you have the right software installed and use a professional username.

- Use the right equipment, preferably your desktop or laptop, if you have to use your phone make sure you have it on a solid, steady surface. do not go handheld!

- Test microphone, webcam, and internet connection ahead of time. Check your camera angle to a level where look straight at it, for a natural look and be sure to speak at a comfortable volume.


Dress for the occasion. Although you aren't meeting in person, dress smartly and in line with the industry. The interviewer will see that you are serious about the position.

Be aware of your background. Find a clean spot in your apartment that gives a good impression about you and should not distract the interviewer. You may also use blur background settings in Skype

Consider recording yourself to practice or review later.

Keep your notes handy in front of you.

Don't forget to smile just as you would in person.


Good luck!