Video introductions - the new norm

Video introductions - the new norm

In the wake of remote work and remote interviews, recruiters are preferring video introduction from candidates.

Now when lockdowns have shown that businesses can continue to operate, even if all their employees are not physically present in the same office building, the hiring managers are also correcting their recruitment strategies. 

Consequently, remote interviews are the only way forward and Video cover letter has become essential to get past the selection process. 

During the pandemic, we saw LinkedIn testing a new video intro tool, that helps employers evaluate a candidate’s communication and soft skills before their interview.  In the GCC, i12WRK, is leading in this aspect, with almost 50% of its registered seekers using Video cover letters. One of the first movers in the GCC online recruitment space, to have a video cover letter feature for their seekers, i12WRK has learnt and unlearnt from the market expectations and has been working to educate job seekers on the importance of Video cover letters to make their candidature stronger.   

Video gives a more holistic and human view of the candidate at an early stage of the shortlisting process, saving hiring managers time. There is a strong case now for video cover letters now as remote working and remote interviews become the new norm.  

90% of talent professionals believe soft skills in the candidate is a major deciding factor. A video cover letter allows them to assess these skills – a candidate’s motivations, communication style, and soft skills, pretty early in the shortlisting cycle.  

For job seekers it is a great opportunity, to put more on the table and stand out amongst the hundreds of profiles that the hiring managers are looking at. We have seen some really creative video cover letter on i12WRK, when people have gone out of their way to make an impact. For example – a barista creating a colorful latte art and a fresh graduate making use of his editing skills, adding effects and graphics to his video. 

The increasing acceptance and popularity of video cover letters will be crucial in defining in the employment process in response to the need of the hour.  

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