Video cover letter sample from Robert De Niro

An all-time favourite for inspiration

This is an old one yet one of the best examples of a video CV or cover letter.

Robert De Niro shoots a video resume for an intern job in the movie “The Intern”

- He dresses up professionally

- Sets-up his camera on a stand

- Finds a good spot in this house

- His pitch is perfect – why he wants the job, what are his strengths and what he would bring to the job

- His screen presence is charismatic – shows aptitude and personality, which is not possible with a text resume.

At i12WRK, we encourage job seekers to upload a video cover letter and go all out to give their best shot to get the job. Also, we have seen that candidates with video cover letter have a better likelihood of getting shortlisted. 

P.S: Do watch the movie for some serious inspiration on your video cover letter script, also there are typical interview questions and Ben’s (Robert De Niro) incredible attitude as a senior citizen intern.