Vibe Your Career amplifies i12WRK ‘Job Tank’

Vibe Your Career amplifies i12WRK ‘Job Tank’

Be one of the lucky five (5) candidates to experience this rare opportunity from building your resume and grooming until landing your job interview.

Need a one-on-one guidance to tailor your resume and prepare for your job interview? No worries. Job Tank got you.

Adding value to its services as the leading job platform in the UAE, Vibe Your Career powered by i12WRK goes an extra mile as it provides hands-on coaching opportunity to five lucky registered seekers.

The five selected seekers will be guided in tailor-fitting their CVs to a job position and in leaving a positive impression in their job interview.

To learn more about the process:

For Phase 1, the show will be open for entries. Seekers who wish to participate must be registered at the i12WRK portal and must have completed their profile with a video cover letter. Registration is free via the i12WRK website ( or mobile application (GooglePlay/AppStore).

For Phase 2, the i12WRK Team will determine the top five (5) candidates. The Team will get in touch with the candidates to provide initial feedback about their profile, their target industry, and mechanics of the show moving forward. The names of the five lucky seekers will be announced at Vibe FM.

For Phase 3, the i12WRK Team will brief the candidates to the job positions that best suit their qualifications. The seekers will also be given a personal training on how to better package their CVs. They will also be given hands-on coaching on how to create rapport, impress the recruiter, and ace the job interview.

For Phase 4, Putting the training to the test, the seekers will be scheduled with the recruiters for their interview lineup.

The lucky seekers will share their wonderful journey from training and coaching to a job interview on air only on Vibe Your Career at Vibe FM 105.4, letting listeners learn and be inspired to take the first step towards their dream job with i12WRK.

True to its reason for being, i12WRK continues to share opportunities to seekers for a more dynamic and successful job market in the UAE.

Register now and grab hold of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!