The flag ceremony of 190-plus participant countries

The flag ceremony of 190-plus participant countries

With the advent of the World Expo 2020 Dubai comes the anticipation for a brighter future among job seekers in the UAE.

Themed ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ through sustainability, mobility and opportunity, the World Expo 2020 enables the dynamic partnerships among industries worldwide and opens opportunities for local talents in the fields of hospitality, healthcare, construction, and information technology, among others.

Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic which pushed back some plans for the conduct of the event, the World Expo 2020 pushed through and conducted its opening on September 30, 2021, a product of what the Expo Team dubbed as ten years of culminated efforts of planning and preparations.

Apart from the macro perspective of collaboration among top industries forging ties for business ventures, the hosting of the Expo 2020 also called for micro-level opportunities for local talents in the UAE for the accommodation of foreign and local visitors, for the establishment of business enterprises, and for the staffing of kiosks and hubs for the exhibits.

As Tiago Costa, chief operating officer of Dulsco, observed in an interview with i12WRK, the leading job portal in the UAE, the job market is dynamic as companies ramp up recruitment with the easing of the pandemic and with the launching of Expo 2020.

The talent solutions expert also shared that there is a demand for talent at the moment, some of which required for new fields which did not exist before such as cyber security. And although there are jobs that might be temporary, such as staff works for exhibits, he expressed his confidence that the demand for workforce will be go on.

As explained in the World Expo 2020 website (, the launching of this international venture opens doors for continued opportunities that go even after the event itself, covering initiatives such as innovations, collaborations, and infrastructures to “do so much good for so many people”.

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