Staying Tuned, Getting Louder: i12WRK Goes ‘On Air’ at Vibe FM 105.4

Staying Tuned, Getting Louder: i12WRK Goes ‘On Air’ at Vibe FM 105.4

The leading online job portal in the UAE amplifies its reach for bolder and louder career empowerment.

From online talks, publishing, and print ads, the i12WRK has always been on board on all platforms to boost the job market buzz, making visible thousands of job opportunities to seekers.

This year, i12WRK turned the game up as it ventured into radio broadcasting with the launching of the program “Vibe Your Career” at Vibe FM 105.4 every Friday, 5:00-6:00PM.

The Vibe Your Career is a radio talk show moderated by local radio jocks (RJs) who throw in exchanges of up-to-date and real-time information on the job market, powered by the i12WRK trends and development data.

The show is bilingual, with the RJs and guests switching languages from English to Hindi (and vice-versa), making the show familiar-sounding and easy to listen.

Some of the experts who came over the show include a trusted career advisor, a human resource specialist, and an academic leader.

During his guesting on the show, Sohaib Hasan, a multi-award-winning social media influencer and career advisor, shared his expertise on the nature of hiring process in the UAE. He also explained how seekers can take advantage of free-to-access and wide-reaching online job portals such as i12WRK to keep one’s visibility to potential job providers.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kunal Wadhwani, the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) of Choithrams, gave a peek into the encouraging status of the job market.

“I would say there is a significant uplift in the market,” Mr. Kunal shared. “There is close to 80%—to be specific, 78%—of business organizations which are saying that business looks good at this particular point in time.”

He added that it is a good time for businesses in the UAE and a good time for people who are exploring the market. 

Finally, Dr. Kavita Shukla, the Vice President for Student Affairs at Amity University Dubai, dropped by the station to shed light on academe-industry linkage and its influence on the job market. She also gave her observation on how the job market has changed in the post pandemic future. 

 “You have to be technologically savvy,” Dr. Kavita reminded the listeners, emphasizing the importance of technological adeptness as part of one’s skills set. “A lot [of] use of technology will come in.” 

An episode has also been allotted for the RJs to go into the details of the job market, taking note of helpful tips and tricks on how to get hold of a target position. Notably, they dealt with the professional skills set (soft and hard skills) which can be further developed by enrolling into a course or attending training sessions.

In one of the talks, the RJs pointed out how seekers can take advantage of the services of i12WRK in creating their profiles.

“If you make your profile with i12WRK, they will…work on your resume,” one of the RJs said. “They will make sure you get to the right fort of the door.”

This pertains to one of the services offered at i12WRK where professionals review an applicant’s CV and give recommendations to tailor-fit the packaging of the CV for the intended job.

To spice things up, i12WRK also offers games during the radio show where listeners get to win special prizes. For a game about completing one’s profile on the i12WRK portal, one lucky listener won a voucher worth 500AED. 

As the i12WRK continues to position itself as the leading job portal in the UAE, it remains driven to explore varied modalities to reach and empower more job seekers. 

Learn more about the recent trends and must-knows in the UAE job market by staying tuned for “Vibe Your Career” at Vibe FM 105.4 - The No.1 Desi Music Station, every Friday, 5:00PM-6:00PM, and downloading the i12WRK mobile app (App Store/Google Play) for free.