Say's Pegah Gol

Say's Pegah Gol

A self-achiever, from job seeker to a successful businesswoman, her journey has been full of challenges that strengthen her ability to overcome obstacles and led her to the outstanding achievements in life, such as becoming Amazon's #1 best-selling Author; of her job-hunting book “The Formula.”

Pegah Gol is the UK certified Career Coach based in the United Arab Emirates, with over fifteen years of experience in helping thousands of jobseekers (from graduates to senior C-level executives) predominantly in the Middle East next big step toward their career growth.

Being Resilient is one of the pillars of success, and if you wish to be resilient, first you should learn how to overcome Rejection, so she shared few tips on this subject with i12WRK, and on women’s day, it gives us great pride to share them with you.

Rejection is a part of any job application process; if you got rejected during job-hunting:

Don’t take rejection personally

Rejection isn't always about you. There are many reasons why an employer rejects your job application. Maybe you’re overqualified for the role, or perhaps they can’t afford the salary you are asking for. There’s always another job opportunity out there, so move on.

Turn rejection into reflection

Rejection offers valuable opportunities to discover more about yourself. Use it to gain self-insight. While you are trying to move forward, it’s nice to pause to see what changes you should make and check how to enhance your job search techniques. 

Request a constructive feedback

Not all employers may provide feedback on why you didn’t get the job. However, you can always ask for feedback professionally by sending a thank you email to the hiring managers and thanks to them for giving you an opportunity. If you don’t have their emails, you can connect with them on LinkedIn and impress them with the way you handle the rejection, and this may increase your chances of getting referred by them to their network. 

Remember You are not alone

It is effortless to feel alone in the process and think this just happened to you. In fact, many job applicants are turned down for jobs daily. This is part of the recruitment process since there are many applicants for one job opportunity. Just accept that and focus on the next opportunity.

Momentum is the key

Many job seekers make the mistake of pausing their process and wait for feedback or get disappointed and stop their approach entirely. Keep your job-search momentum. Stay in touch with recruiters and your professional network. Don’t put your egg in one basket, be proactive about applying to many relevant job opportunities till you find the right match and land your dream job. 

Keep your energy fuel high

This is the title of the second chapter of my book, “The Formula,” and there is a very valid reason to be the second chapter as rejection is a part of the job-hunting process. Keep your energy fuel high, stay positive and keep a smile on your face. Turn your rejection into an opportunity to learn more about yourself, sharpen your skills and enhance your job-hunting techniques.

Last but not least: “ Pegah’s Timeless Secret Rejection Formula.”

  1. Acceptance: Remember Rejection is part of the process, so accept it! 
  2. Visualisation: In that very moment, imagine yourself few years ahead when you already reached where no one believed you would do. Then by default, the rejection is a future memory to laugh about!

Sounds interesting, right?  

  1. Joy: while you are visualizing this situation, you may start to laugh out loud!
  2. Move on with knowing that rejections are always in your favor, trust the universe! 

Stories of many start-ups initial stage & offer rejections like Google, Facebook & Netflix are the best motivational stories (rejection memories) to show us how rejection could be the best thing that happens to you.

This secret “Formula” is not for start-ups, nor job-hunting & business only, and it works in every situation & scenario of dealing with #rejection 

It tested, with a lifetime guarantee!