Phone Interview

Phone Interview

5 Ways to Get Ready

Most people don't explicitly prepare for a phone interview, so those that do prepare have a key edge on the competition. And phone interviews are far easier than in-person interviews. Easier because you can easily have notes to reference and easier because you don't have to worry about what most people do worry about in-person interviews: It doesn't matter if you have a sweaty handshake. It doesn't matter if you blush. It doesn't matter if you struggle with eye contact.

Start with a list of what you wish the interviewer would ask. Write down some notes on how you would answer, showing your personal strengths and advantages. Make sure you can trace these positive attributes to past work history that shows on your résumé.

Spend some time to get to know something about the company, department and the person interviewing you. You can look up most of this online and on LinkedIn.

Write down some questions. The best questions are ones that show you are interested in getting right to work and help solve your next employer's problems. Always ask what challenges the employer sees. Once the interviewer answers this question, you know exactly what they are looking for in an employer. If you don't know, then explicitly ask them, "What key attributes would a perfect candidate for this job have?" Now you can show off how you meet their needs.

Have a bad habit that scares you in the interview? Do you talk too fast? Do you talk too little? Write down a little reminder somewhere where you will see it during the interview.

Now you are almost ready. Find a space to interview that you can close the door, control the noise and distractions. If you are at home, find a way to keep kids from interrupting. Bring in a glass of water to handle any nervous dry mouth. Have a good pen and a pad of paper. Bring your questions and the points you'd like to bring up and also a highlighted résumé. Highlight the portions of your résumé that are important to make your case that you have the right experience. Make sure that during the interview that your answers reference these sections.

Relax and enjoy the interview. Yes, enjoy. Remember that smiles over the phone can be heard. (Radio Announcers are trained to smile because people speaking while smiling sound pleasant to work with)


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