Myth Busted: No One is Hiring Now!

Myth Busted: No One is Hiring Now!

Businesses are always hiring!

Businesses have been greatly impacted and as a result some reduced staff and others implemented hiring freeze, but there's always some need to hire people in certain industries. As the UAE government allows offices, malls, restaurants, public transport and other businesses to reopen their doors, we see job opportunities coming up. Though they are far and fewer than before pandemic – we should all know business are hiring!

Businesses and profiles, we are aware, are hiring:

  • Healthcare and Pharma: Medical practitioner, support staff
  • E commerce supply chain: shelf stackers, delivery drivers, supply chain managers and warehouse supervisors
  • Digital Marketers: Digital marketers, graphic designers, content writers
  • Sales & Customer support: Customer success team leaders
  • Education – Online: Teachers and trainers
  • Health Safety & Crisis Management: Health and safety officers
  • IT Support & Solution Developer: Systems engineers, cyber or data security, data analysts, app developers

Remember, competition is higher than ever before and you need to make yourself a better candidate by upskilling, networking, and improving your resume and writing a disruptive cover letter.