More UAE jobs but at lower salaries

More UAE jobs but at lower salaries

Khaleej times /Dubai

UAE employers are planning a net expansion in headcount during 2019,

with an increasing share of the new jobs being filled by Asian professionals, citing the lower salary expectations of these candidates as the primary reason.

This is based on a report published in Khaleej times that 36 per cent of all surveyed companies plan to increase headcount this year, against 27 per cent who expect to reduce staff and 37 per cent who foresee no change.

Over the past year, Asian nationals saw a 12 per cent increase in their share of approaches by UAE employers, while Arab and Western expats saw declines of 8 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively..

Among expatriate professionals working in the UAE and holding the same job title, salaries paid to Asian nationals are on average 20 per cent lower than Arab nationals and 40 per cent lower than Western nationals. The gaps in expatriate salary expectations are influenced by the prevailing salaries in the candidates' home countries.

In their effort to reduce costs, employers surveyed also reported reaching out to less experienced candidates, where candidates below the age of 35 have seen a 6 per cent increase in approaches by employers over the past 12 months, while those aged 35 or more have seen a decline of 5 per cent over the same period.