Keep up with 2021

Keep up with 2021

Job searching in 2021 will not be the same

For all those seeking employment within the UAE, we must understand that change is a constant and those who specialize in just one small parsec of an industry, even if it is very profitable at the time, cannot assume that they will forever reap that industry’s rewards. One must keep their eyes glued to economic trends and the future.

The workforce is changing and a few simple ways to stay ahead of the career curve is through further upskilling courses, keeping up to speed with various economic trends and future demands.

After the uncertainty of COVID, jobseekers now must look toward the future; there is potential everywhere. Pre-pandemic, it was estimated that 85 per cent of job growth over five years would centre around health, professional, scientific and technical services, public administration, and education. For one such example, The Australian National Skills Commission identifies 25 emerging occupations, including clusters in data analytics, online engagement, and sustainability. I have no doubt that this relates to the Middle East market as well. There's going to be lots of jobs and courses in data analysts, artificial intelligence, blockchain.

Broaden your horizons

Business courses, education, IT and engineering will all help individuals enter occupations forecast for growth. Planetary health and “destination-tourism” are also emerging sectors, with courses in mature markets already underway.

The ability to educate yourself in various vertical industries and their associated nomenclature isn’t really all that difficult, but it is an imperative if you want to stay in the game.  After all, if you remain within your comfort zone, there will come a time that you will eventually become phased out.

Whatever you do, please do not isolate yourself, work with other professionals, keep your ears close to the ground, stay informed so you can be aware of industry changes, which may be a mixture of economic indicators that leading analysts agree upon or the political changes occurring. Read about these emerging details as frequently as you can.

For those seeking employment in Dubai and KSA has a fantastic platform where you can learn from the experts what’s trending in the job market and how can you make the best use of opportunities. This platform offers advice, tools, and templates is everything you’ll need to plan and execute your job search, whether you are looking to get started or to fast forward your career.

The practice of keeping up to date with trends and changes in your industry is a necessity in our modern working world. It’s an important ingredient to stay competitive and be successful.

Here are my top 5 tips to maximize your job search success

  1. Subscribe to top industry job platforms and blogs
  2. Follow industry experts and influencers
  3. Strengthen your network
  4. Take online courses- most of all put these skills into practice!!
  5. Ensure you have an achievement impressiveCV + content rich LinkedIn profile

Consistency is the key. Good luck!!

 Trisha Chapman

Author of the article is Managing Partner of impressiveCV - an SME focused on supporting job seekers with all the necessary tools for a successful job application. Trisha is an expert in job searching strategies including CV writing, LinkedIn, personal branding and interview coaching.