Job seekers in the UAE to benefit

Job seekers in the UAE to benefit

Gulf News mentions i12WRK

Companies hiring today have an increased preference for candidates who are available in the UAE and can join immediately. Things are changing fast for everyone. Companies are faced with the same uncertainty as individuals and their hiring is guided by the urgency of the requirement. They are hiring only when necessary and want to take quick calls before things change again. i12WRK noticed job offers being rolled out in a day’s time and companies are expecting new employees to start as early as the next day.

Employers across industries are also becoming more flexible with their requirements. The new normal has led employers to move the focus from job-specific skills to additional digital skills in candidates to work remotely and to adapt to new operating technologies. Employers are making decisions based on the value add a candidate brings and soft skills such as adaptability and flexibility, and it becomes essential for job seekers to showcase how they have managed and come out of challenges.

In the current travel environment, the number of new job seekers entering the country is low. This gives candidates within the country an advantage as recruiters dive into the available pool of resources to pick their star candidates. Being based in a COVID-19-controlled environment is also a major plus for companies hiring. From a cost-to-company perspective, hiring from locally available seekers ticks multiple checkboxes for employers. Technology-enabled tools in hiring such as video cover letters and virtual interviews are supporting the companies in quick decision making, thus reducing the lead times for candidates to join immediately.

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