Job Seeker Pulse Survey Results

Job Seeker Pulse Survey Results

Technology will drive the ​hiring process in days to come

i12WRK, conducted an online survey to understand where the job seeker community stands and what they are doing to be prepared for what’s next.

We asked questions to gauge the current pulse on how they think the hiring process will change post COVID, how do they look to differentiate their job application from others in the same profession and what they are doing to improve their chances.

72% of job seekers are using their time online – on networking and

64% are enhancing their skills by taking online courses

We also asked what they think about opportunities in the market specifically to the Middle East.

71% of those seeking jobs believe that the markets will open up by August 2020 and are optimistic to see opportunities in FMCG or essential consumables, pharma, digital marketing, education and teaching, ecommerce and digital intelligence.

A staggering 85% believe that the hiring process will be highly influenced and driven by Technology

Video interviews will be the future with 94% percent people believe that video cover letter will give them an advantage over those who don’t. And 49% within this set of people are looking to update their applications with video cover letter.

The hiring landscape in the region and worldwide is transforming fast owing to several contributing factors, and technology is likely to guide the market. It is the perfect time to ask: how prepared are we?