Job search in 2021

Job search in 2021

i12WRK gets a mention in Gulf News

Seekers cannot rely on the old order and need to tweak their approach, says i12WRK

If your goal is to find a job in the UAE in 2021, you are going to need focused strategic planning combined with hard work.

Last year might have forced jobseekers to relook at their career plans, make possible adjustments and maybe even put their ambitions on hold for some time. Just like other things such as working and shopping, job hunting too will need a different approach during the pandemic. People who carried on their quest under the new circumstances will tell you that their best efforts felt inadequate. Even after spending days on their CVs and applying to every job that came their way they fell short. The rules of the game have changed.

A job search app in the UAE, i12WRK spoke to people in its network to find out how they succeeded in landing a new position during the pandemic.

A strategic effort to stand out from the crowd and a willingness to disrupt your pre-Covid-19 job-searching model are necessary.

How to present redundancy to a prospective employer?

Can the candidate negotiate hard on the salary?

What are the right sectors to look in?

What should the fresh out of college seekers do?

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