In demand Jobs in UAE for the next 10 Years

In demand Jobs in UAE for the next 10 Years

Article Published in Gulfnews

The jobs in the UAE, in the next 10 years, will focus largely on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and automation, based on a list posted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) recently.

As per Billy Bilton, Senior Recruitment Consultant at HAYS Technology, with most of the job roles focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data science and analysis, the most popular fields are mathematics, physics, computer science, and statistics.

“A lot of companies are becoming more digitally focused and more brick-and-mortar companies are becoming accessible online. More companies have access to different data tools and artificial intelligence and are developing products and platforms, which use algorithms that are based on metadata analytics and machine learning. For most of these jobs, you would need some kind of a quantitative and analytical background, where you have the skills needed to analyze and gather structured and non-structured data. The ideal candidate would have a good understanding of different data modules and techniques like deep learning, reinforcement learning, and machine learning,” Bilton said.

1. Scientists

In the list of occupations, the first role highlighted by MOHRE was that of scientists.

2. Data analysts

The role would require an applicant to have in-depth knowledge of Software programming, programming in languages such as SQL (Structured Query Language), XML (Extensible Markup Language), and JavaScript (another programming language).

3. Machine learning specialists

Speaking about the role of a Machine Learning specialist, applicants for such job roles would need knowledge of Artificial Intelligence frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch, in order to develop algorithms and for software programming.

4. Artificial intelligence specialists

“This would refer to someone who can build AI functionally into software applications – someone who can integrate and implement AI algorithms and have knowledge of different technologies and strategies and a good knowledge of data science,” Bilton said.

5. Ecommerce and strategies specialists

This role would require someone to have an understanding of online sales strategies, it would also overlap with a background in computer science.

“This will be someone who is going to be an expert in online sales strategies and knows how to work on various platforms involved in digital transformations as well.

6. Big data specialists

This role would also require data gathering, sorting, and analysis, but at much larger scales – whether it is the customer base of a multinational brand or a country’s demographic.

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