i12WRK Update August 2022

i12WRK Update August 2022

Staying updated is getting ahead

To make sure that we are delivering round-the-clock updates, i12WRK is sharing with you the recent trend among our talent pool:

Retail leads the preferred industry gaining 45.05%, followed by services (14.96%), construction (2.12%), hotel and restaurants (1.63%) and logistics (1.18%).

Aligned with the top industry, sales (15.06%) is the most chosen function, succeeded by marketing (7.77%), food and beverages (6.63%), customer service (6.63%), and FMCG (6.42%).

Upon taking a peek into their profile, data reveals that most of the job seekers belong to a relatively promising pool of young talents, most of which have working experience of two years (17.44%), three years (14.88%), and four years (11.77%).

A greater number of the applicants have established educational background having tertiary or university education (49.92%). Some of them even went for higher learning on top of bachelor’s degree and took up graduate education (22.1%). There are also applicants who were able to attain high school education (22.08%).