i12WRK: Going the Extra Mile

i12WRK: Going the Extra Mile

Aware of the competitive nature of the job market, i12WRK remains committed to being a reliable partner of seekers and providers for successful job placement.

i12WRK embodies its title as the leading job market in the UAE for its understanding of consumer needs and providing options to bridge seekers and providers through its consistent conduct of surveys and capacity-building activities.

Survey Says: What do the Users Say?

To better grasp the on-the-ground situation, i12WRK sets up surveys among seekers and providers. The results of these surveys serve as the basis of i12WRK on how to better respond to the immediate gaps in the market and needs of its users.

As a matter of fact, one of the surveys conducted by i12WRK revealed that candidates visit online job portals daily (57.89%) in pursuit of their target jobs. Most of the respondents of the survey shared that apart from personal contacts, applying on job portals is one of the best ways to secure a job (27.19%). In such an application, candidates are aware that completing one’s profile (50%) is the most important gatekeeper for visibility.

From Results to Opportunity: Translating Feedback into Initiatives

The result is not the end itself but the beginning where i12WRK can assist its users. Soliciting and presenting information is one thing; translating them into working data is another.

The results of the survey mentioned earlier implicate the importance of completing one’s profile. In response to this, i12WRK gathered a panel of recruiters in an open discussion for them to give first-hand information on the importance of completing one’s profile on job portals and responding to the queries of job seekers. 

Experts shared that an applicant’s profile must include work experience, educational background, and skills set in the creation of a professional profile. The inclusion of a video CV is highly beneficial since it allows recruiters to get a glimpse of an applicant’s capabilities and potential. Completing one’s profile also involves the placement of inputs that translate into keywords, making one’s profile more visible in the pool of talents. 

The rare opportunity of being face-to-face with a panel of recruiters also allowed the job seekers to ask questions on job-searching and career advising.

The i12WRK Way: From Platform to Action

Since its establishment, i12WRK has enabled a growing community of talents and providers through its efficient online platform where providers post available positions and seekers conduct their applications.

But more than a platform, the i12WRK encourages a dynamic job market in the UAE through contextually driven initiatives: from users-oriented conditions to user-directed benefits. This way, i12WRK remains a potent and reliable propeller of the job market.

As a free-to-access platform through its website and mobile app (PlayStore/GooglePlay), providers and seekers tap into the possibility of reaching each other for successful filling of jobs.

i12WRK also takes pride in the fact that despite its high-end technology, the platform is user-friendly and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

Experience the i12WRK way and visit www.i12wrk.com or download the i12WRK app now.