i12WRK expert preps students in acing their job application

i12WRK expert preps students in acing their job application

i12WRK provided students tips on how toget hold of their target jobs

Michelle Caponpon, the Communications Manager of i12WRK, talked about marking oneself and acing the interview with students of Amity University in Dubai, Sep. 22.

The soft skills session was part of the professional development program of the university in which i12WRKexpert was invited to talk.

In the session, Michelle oriented the students on the ways to better package their qualifications for a target job. She also echoed one of the warnings of possible blacklisting when applying for a job that does not fit one’s qualifications.

Michelle noted that it is important to tailor-fit one’s CV for the position, making the recruiter see an applicant’s relevance for the job. This also entails making the CV concise, dispensing with information that does not align with the position.

When it comes to leaving a professional impression, Michelle said, “One of the ways to achieve this is to pay attention to the details.” This refers to technicalities of the application that many seekersoverlook such as grammatical and spelling errors.

Reaching the job interview means a step closer to the position. Michelle said that the goal is to “convince the recruiter that you are the best person for the job.”

She noted that being on time, dressing up properly, and talking clearly are important considerations to leave a strong, lasting impression during the interview.

Michelle also gave a tip on how applicants better deliver their responses for challenging questions.

“For questions like this, there is one thing to keep in mind: frame it or end it in a positive light,” she said. “This means that you phrase your answer in a pleasant-sounding response.”

She referred to finding a way to make the answer truthful yet outcome-oriented such as tweakingone’s weakness of panicking to strategizing ahead of time in accomplishing multiple tasks. This way, the applicants are suggesting to the recruiter their management and problem-solving skills, which are value-adding qualities.

It is also pointed out the relevance of online job portals and completing one’s profile for such a mode of application. Completing one’s profile increases one’s visibility. This enables getting more chances of being noticed by potential employers and being shortlisted for the job.

She also mentioned how the students can make the most of i12WRK, a free-to-use and leading job portal in the UAE, as their reliable partner in getting hold of their target jobs. They can look up thousands of jobs by registering via the i12WRK website (www.i12wrk.com) or mobile app (IOS/PlayStore).