I have a Choice!

I have a Choice!

A guest article by Sandeep Gautam, Chartered FCIPD, Human Resource Leader

Have you ever felt that situations in life have been tough, challenges seem overwhelming and issues keep cropping up from nowhere? In our career, many a times we find ourselves in a spot with our boss, team, culture, business environment, achievements, reward, recognition, satisfaction and much more. We get critiqued, we receive feedback, we are challenged, we are judged, we feel singled out and stretched and so on.

We have a choice to make. Either we lose energy in complaining, resisting, feeling bad and getting bitter or we take these as necessary experiences for us to come out stronger, sharper and more resilient than ever before.

A rock needs sculpting and tools to turn into a masterpiece. In turning a career into masterpiece, we need many sculptors at different times, with different tools, hammering with different intensity. If we resist the act of sculpting, we will remain a rock.

The secret is to choose the right sculptors who will choose the right tools at right phase of career and to trust the sculptor, submit ourselves to the process, enjoy the pain, be grateful, have patience, be resilient, have belief and keep hope. So, look around, find the right coach, right mentor, right friend, a genuine colleague, an excellent critic, a strong challenger, a tough competitor, and allow them to improve you. Be grateful for their contribution and attempt to be the sculptor of someone else’s career. This will not only lead to a successful career but also to a happy career.



Sandeep Gautam, Chartered FCIPD, Human Resource Leader

Sandeep helps organizations successfully achieve business goals and have capable, motivated human capital aligned to business strategy. His fascination for organizations and process of institution building led him to study and practice management. In his effort to decipher the elements, he chose Human Resources as a field to deliver maximum impact.

Sandeep leads HR in large, well-diversified and geographically dispersed organizations with complex cultural fabric and has been a strategic partner for CEOs.

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