i 1 2 WRK in Retail

i 1 2 WRK in Retail

Exploring a Career in Retail

Work in retail can be a tough work, but the retail sector has a lot of room for creativity in the workplace with ample opportunity for personal growth.  It takes patience, diligence, and depending on your shift, a lot of caffeine!

While you are graduate or not, there are many sectors and opportunities you can explore. There are many opportunities in the industry and all you need is: make sure you have people skills and are able to spend hours communicating every day, because, in a retail job, you will talk to people 24/7, basically. Depending on your job, you will definitely have to talk to your customers, and most likely also some suppliers and the employees who work with you. 


To work in retail you must highlight three key abilities: effective communication skills, teamwork, and quick learning. 


All way up:

Many retail businesses tend to hire internally: show that you’re a committed and motivated employee, and opportunities for growth will open themselves up to you. You can ask your management to give you access to everything you need to build your career. You can start off as a junior or associate manager of a store and work your way up to the top and finally be the manager.



It’s a very dynamic atmosphere, rare is the day when you find yourself sitting back with nothing to do.

If you want something that’s a bit less traditional than your typical 9-to-5 office job, this is for you. There are many opportunities to fit your working hours around your personal and family commitments.

Retail scheduling tends to allow more freedom in terms of taking certain days off, rather than being confined to a Monday to Friday grind.


Applying for a retail job:

Try to show how any experience you've had (voluntary, outside of school, community activities etc) have helped you develop customer-facing, numeracy and attention to detail skills. Include a couple of brief character references on your CV from people like school teachers, who can speak for your reliability, optimistic, helpful personality and diligence. You can also Talk about times you’ve worked well with others, overcome differences and solved problems.


Just because you start your career in retail does not mean it is a dead-end. You can always find a way to use it to get a head start: to learn more, develop new skills, and move in a new direction.


Good Luck!!


From i12WRK