How to Nail Your Video Cover Letter.

Creating an Effective Video CV

After downloading i12WRK app, notice that creating a Video Cover Letter is a masterpiece to land a job interview. We've asked Amity University students to create some examples of Video Cover Letter to inspire you when you have to create yours. 

Follow some of the tips to create an effective Video Cover Letter:


  1. Make a script:

Plan your Video Cover Letter and provide at least 4 points that you believe you should highlight about your professional experiences.


  1. Keep it short

You don’t want to lose the HR managers interest while watching your Video CV. Keep it engaging and short. Don’t make your video longer than 60 seconds and go straight to the point.


  1. Show your personality

The whole idea about the Video Cover Letter is that the HR manager is able to see your personality, your communication skills, things you accomplished but showcasing your personality.


  1. Incorporate Keywords

Make sure you tailor your Video CV with the jobs you are applying for. Highlight the experiences and skills you have that matches the job descriptions and demonstrate how you fit in this job position.


  1. Include a Conclusion

Always say “thank you” for the attention you are getting from the hiring manager for watching your video and tell him you are looking forward to an interview, and be very confident during your closing statement.


It’s very important to show your creativity in your Video Cover letter. Check how Hamza Al-Lawati – A Journalism and Mass Communication student from Amity University Dubai created his video showcasing his skills to grab the viewers attention.