How to ace an interview

Follow his steps to make sure you get that job you are looking for!

Congratulations! You have just landed an interview for what could be a great job. But before getting the job you want, a successful interview will be essential for you to lock in that job offer. To help you to impress the interviewer enough, Lance Japor from DuBlog gave us some tips about "How to ace an interview".


  1. Be early:

Make sure to come to the interview 15 minutes before the scheduled time. But don’t arrive too early, while it is important to allow yourself plenty of time to settle in, arriving too early can actually hurt your chances of landing the job. In case it happens, you can spend some time in a coffee shop or walk around the neighborhood. 


  1. Research about the company:

Look up the company website, check out their competitors. Know their past, current role in the market and their goals for the future. 

If you know who will be interviewing you, check their LinkedIn profile, find out about them. Because networking it - helps. A lot.  


  1. Be concise:

Go direct to the point, remember that the best interview responses give just the right amount of information in just the right amount of time. Be concise! Try to prepare yourself for common interview questions.


  1. Use proper body language:

Body language can have a big impact on the way you're perceived by others, especially at work.

Shake hands, maintain eye contact and nod to agree with the interviewer, sit up straight, keep your arms and legs uncrossed, and don’t forget to smile!


  1. Sell yourself, but oversell it:

Be confident and passionate about your knowledge. You need to explain to the interviewer why you're the right person. Talk about your accomplishments, but don’t oversell.


  1. Be courteous:

Always thanks to the interviewer after the interview. And say that it was nice meeting the interviewer(s) and you look forward to hearing from the company soon. 


Best Wishes,

i12WRK Team