How good is your CV?

How good is your CV?

Check how it scores

Your CV genuinely has the potential to change your life. It should land you an interview.

Here are few parameters to check how your CV scores:

  • Your CV tells enough about you in the first 10 seconds to hold the attention of the person reviewing?
  • It highlights your strengths and achievements
  • It makes you stand-out as a candidate from the rest
  • Your CV clearly shows you suitable and fit for the job you are applying to – is it what the job requirement is asking for?
  • Your CV has secured you some quality interviews

If you are not confident that your CV delivers on these points then your CV needs a makeover.

You can find CV examples online, and give your CV the much-needed revamp. Or you could seek help if you are having a hard time structuring your CV and not knowing how to best highlight your most relevant strengths.

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