Got More Than One Offer?

Got More Than One Offer?

How To Make The Right Choice

Having more than one job offer seems like a luxury, but it can be very hard to choose between jobs. But don’t panic! After getting the offer in writing, here are some tips about what you can do to choose what’s the best opportunity for you.


  1. Note the points

Think about the environment of the places and write down what’s the negative and positive points. Trust your instincts before accepting a job offer! Make sure you know enough about the job, the company, and the offer details.


  1. Prioritize

Write down the components of your compensation package and compare them and also the non-monetary things you might get if you choose that particular offer, such as, flexibility, if you fit the company culture, who are you reporting for, etc. After getting your list, choose five or six that matter most and match your needs.


  1. Bring it all together

Talking to someone who knows you well always help to choose one option. Transparency is also important. Talk to the company about your interest in their company and ask them to help you clarify some key points of the offer or filling in the points you are missing.


After choosing what you believe is the best for you, trust your instincts and go to the next step excited about the possibilities – and not regretting the lost opportunity.