Fraudsters target UAE jobseekers

Fraudsters target UAE jobseekers

Be Cautious. Do not fall for bogus offers

Fraudsters target UAE jobseekers

Over the years, many victims have fallen for recruitment scams as fraudsters keep innovating. Fraudsters are using the name of a Dubai-based visa and passport service provider to dupe jobseekers from various countries, offering them promises of jobs or immigration abroad. They even offer government jobs in lieu of money for visa or, in some case, a month's salary as commission.

How to detect scams

The fraudsters post jobs online with hefty salaries and unbelievable benefits.

There will be e-mails with the job offer or immigration promises from fabricated e-mail IDs, or there will be offers from a company an individual had not applied to. At times, one will receive an offer letter without giving an interview which includes the name and out-of-proportion logos of VFS Global with or without a fake embassy stamp.

In some cases, there will be an offer letter asking one to pay the visa processing fee. There may be demand for advance payments to personal bank accounts with the threat of visa application rejection.Sometimes, the scamster will say these costs would be reimbursed once the process is complete.

Dos and don'ts

  • Job aspirants should never respond to unsolicited business propositions and offers from unfamiliar people
  • Do not disclose personal or financial details
  • Never publish passport or visa application numbers on public domains or social media platforms
  • Don't jump into any offers that sounds incredible
  • Check the veracity of the job or immigration offers before paying money or sharing personal details
  • If the perks offered by a recruitment agency or any other firm are above the market rate, ensure that the firm is real
  • For immigration or settlement abroad, go through the proper channel and authorised agencies


Article published on KhaleejTimes on August 7, 2019