Customer response expert shares tips on job employment with i12WRK

Customer response expert shares tips on job employment with i12WRK

How job seekers can increase the rate of getting a job on i12WRK portal

During the live session of The Jobs Talk with Sohaib Hasan, Jasmine let viewers know how to make the most of the i12WRK job portal, notable for its success rate in its three years of existence.

i12WRK is like a Google-map app,” Jasmine explained. Upon accessing the job portal, a job seeker would be able to see red dots on the map, indicating the nearby job vacancies that the job seeker can apply to.

Established since 2018, i12WRK is a free and open access job portal through its website ( and mobile application (iOS/PlayStore) which enables to bridge together job providers and job seekers from various industries such as customer service, information technology, hospitality, infrastructure, and banking among others.

According to Jasmine, there have been thousands of job openings in the UAE at the moment, which has significantly increased by sixty percent (60%) since the opening of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

“There are about 100 to 150 [new opening] jobs a day,” Jasmine said. The average number of job seekers per position ranges from 100 to 150 as well, making employment a competition.

Despite the competition, Jasmine noted that there is a notable 80 percent (80%) success rate with i12WRK. She also gave out the basic know-how for this success. Her major tip: visibility.

Once signed up and registered to i12WRK, a job seeker should make sure to complete one’s profile, create a video CV, select the correct functions, and maintain active status in the portal.

Jasmine described a video CV as “a short introduction of yourself, showcasing your communication [skills], [self-confidence, creativity], and abilities.” Although not mandatory, a video CV increases a job seeker’s visibility among employers.

Selecting the correct functions per industry in the portal also increases the chances of being seen and selected, helping out the job providers to filter out the most suited applicant in the talent pool gathered in the i12WRK portal.

A job seeker must also keep an active status in the i12WRK portal since it has a video chat tool enabling the job provider to conduct a quick interview with the job seeker if the latter is active and available.

Should a job seeker wish to go an extra mile to help speed up being noticed by the employers, i12WRK also offers job-seekers services, CV writing services, and featured candidates services accessible through the portal on the profile page of the job seeker.

Interested job seekers in the UAE and abroad who have inquiries may reach Jasmine and the i12WRK team by filling out the inquiry form on the “Contact Us” tab at the i12WRK website and mobile app or by sending an email to or

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