Create Your Own Video CV

Make your application stand out

Those days are gone when people used to invest a lot of time making a good paper resume. Creating a video CV can help your job application as it’s becoming increasingly popular with jobseekers wanting to stand out from the crowd. 

A traditional CV outlines your skills, qualifications, and experience, whereas a video CV enables an employer to get a feel for your personality. It can create a good first impression among all prospective employers. 

On i12WRK App, you can record your video CV using your phone!

Some tips for creating a Video CV:

  1. Develop your Video CV like a story, with a structured beginning, middle, and end. 
  2. Script it before you begin, but don’t just read. 
  3. Make your Video CV precise. One minute Video is more than enough.
  4. Don’t forget to introduce yourself properly at the start of the video.
  5. Leave contact details at the end of the video, too – email address, phone number, and if possible, any professional social media sites you have. 
  6. Before you send off your application to an employer, try to get objective, and tell the viewer why you're the right person for the job.
  7. However you decide to produce your video, make sure the video is clear, well lit and in focus.
  8. Body language is also very important: Maintain eye contact with the camera and have a "happy, cheery disposition”.
  9. Dress as you are attending a job interview. It’s also very important!


Be confident, and show you have something unique to offer.


And good luck!


i12WRK team