Building Careers in UAE

An interview with Career Consultant and top LinkedIn Influencer - Sohaib Hasan

Every day hundreds of aspirants come to the Middle East to make a career and pursue their dreams.

What does it take to find a job in UAE?

We spoke with Sohaib Hasan, Career Consultant, and top LinkedIn influencer, on building a career in UAE, important factors to consider when looking to relocate for work and how to budget your job search.

A go-to CHEAT SHEET for every job seeker, picking the right JOB SEARCH PLATFORMS and the MISTAKES TO AVOID. Sohaib says Confidence, Communication, and Compassion is key.

Advice when you feel the job search is getting long and tough, to keep you going. And a lot more to learn from this successful LinkedIn influencer on how to take advantage of networking and build your online connections to a long-term REWARDING NETWORK offline as well.

Find out more in this video.