Brighter 2022: More Jobs and Higher Salary in the UAE

Brighter 2022: More Jobs and Higher Salary in the UAE

If you are looking for a sign to pursue your job search in the UAE, this is it: more jobs and increased salaries await in the year 2022.

As revealed in the two separate studies reported in the Gulf News and Khaleej Times, most companies project a hike in the number of job openings and a rise in service payment among their employees.

According to the Salary Guide 2022 study conducted by Cooper Fitch, the majority of the 600 companies surveyed expressed their plan to increase their number of staff this year, with the wage projected to rise by 3%.

Concurring to these findings is the survey done by Hays, a global recruiting group, revealing that 74% of employers in the UAE are expected to increase salaries within their organizations and 70% are planning to add more talents to their workforce in 2022.

The two studies also showed that this increase in salary and hiring had been evident since last year, especially for advisory, human resource, manufacturing, technology, strategy, and public sectors.

This promising trend in the job market is seen to roll over in 2022 with the following sectors topping the list of having the highest pay: real estate, legal, banking, and investment management.

Most in-demand candidates are those with industry qualifications and local and international market experience, especially those belonging to the technology sector specializing in data science, cyber security, and software development, among others.

Although there is a significant number of employers that do not cater to a work-from-home arrangement, many of them offer a company or car allowance, flexible working setup, child education allowance, and life insurance.

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