Body Language

Body Language

Tips for your next Job Interview

Do you know the importance of body language during your job interview? How you carry yourself is very important, and even if your responses to questions are flawless, the wrong body language can make you lose a great opportunity.

Here are some tips for your next job interview:

  1. Show confidence:

The importance of confidence starts when you get into the waiting area, make sure you have a good posture while standing and sitting. Even if you haven’t met the interviewer yet, the receptionist might be observing you too.

  1. Hand Shaking:

Your handshake should be firm but not bone-crushing.

  1. Posture during the interview:

Keep your back straight during the interview, avoid crossing your arms and your legs. Talk with your hands naturally (but don’t exaggerate), and keep eye contact.

  1. Smile

We all know the job interviews are very serious and people get really nervous, but smiling can invoke positive feelings leaving a good impression.


Good Luck!

i12WRK Team