An Insight into ‘Jobs of the Future’

An Insight into ‘Jobs of the Future’

For some educational institutions, STEM will determine the job market in the years ahead.

It is safe to say that there is no way to tell the exact future ahead—at least, as far as science is concerned. But when it comes to the potential jobs that will dominate the market, science and related disciplines might lead the “jobs of the future”. 

According to some Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the UAE, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is the strand that will lead the workforce of the future.

This insight of HEIs is in line with the significant push of technology in almost every aspect of human life—education, profession, and social life, among others. As such, pursuing STEM-related disciplines is one of the keys to keep the relevance of the students of today.

Some of the jobs foreseen to be in-demand include green engineers, information security, software developers, and data scientists, among others.

The expectation among the future talents of the UAE job market is the ability to manipulate technology for innovative and sustainable solutions. This means that employees should be expert and flexible enough to use technology for creative ways in solving predicted and arising problems.

At present, there is a gap in the market for high-paying jobs and experts to fill them. There is a significant low presence of STEM-related professionals such as data scientists, network architects, and information security analysts, among others.

Some experts also expressed their view on the possible creation of new jobs not existing in the present time and unique to various demands of industries such as in agriculture and space technology.  

Recognizing this increasing demand, HEIs are designing and implementing courses that will equip students with the fundamental skills that would jumpstart them for their future careers and professional development.

With the exponential demands of an increasingly technology-driven and dictated world, professionals of the future need to be flexible and adaptive to the changing ways and arising problems of industries to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions.

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Although the future is unpredictable, getting insights into the potential turn of events is one of the ways to equip oneself for it—that is, either through educational qualifications or with the help of a trusted job portal.