“The game is on,” Tiago Costa, Chief Operating Office of DULSCO, said in an interview for i12WRK news and trend with Lance Japor.

Tiago shared and expressed his optimism in the job market in the UAE.



Nodding to the government’s excellent management of the pandemic, Tiago said that the demand for talents is present, especially in the sectors of hospitality, food and beverages, infrastructure, and information technology, among others.

For 2021, Tiago described the job market as “dynamic”, as companies ramp up recruitment with the easing of the pandemic and with the launching of Expo 2020.

The talent solutions expert observed how the pandemic served as a catalyst for companies to speed up digital transformation, generating jobs which increased substantially such as cyber security experts.

The hosting of the Expo 2020 in Dubai likewise generates more opportunities as it brings in tourists, infrastructure projects, and smart hubs, thereby creating jobs for more people which are said to have a long-term impact in the market.

Tiago also observed the shift in the recruitment process from being company-driven to candidate-driven wherein the talent pool is easily filled by candidates who wanted the jobs.

The Dulsco chief operating officer shared that one of the best practices of their company is having a business continuity plan that protect its people and keep the business going.

Translating its goal of protecting the company’s people estimated to twelve thousand, Dulsco made sure that there should be no salary cut and that the mental health of its employees are given attention. Tiago shared that there is an in-house psychologist with them to assure the welfare of the workers.

Having been in operation for 85 years, Dulsco takes pride in its major selling point of speed and efficiency with quality, making sure that they bring in the best talent for the companies which are “the best fit” for the job through a standardized recruitment operation.

As part of the corporate fabric of the country and a recognized brand in the UAE, Tiago shared that Dulsco remains relevant as it continues to evolve as a talent solution company, with its target operating model specified on the recruitment process and special attention to retention rate.

When asked for the qualities considered for those aspiring to be a part of Dulsco, Tiago emphasized on accountability, soft skills, and cultural fit. Not only do the professional qualifications are taken into account but also the personal qualification in line with the company’s culture and standards.

“Keep on understanding the companies you are interested to work,” Tiago said as a message to job seekers. “Start a conversation, start a rapport.” Although times might be hard with what happened last year, he reiterated that the job market is dynamic.

Applicants and companies interested to communicate and partner with Dulsco may reach them through their official website (www.dulsco.com), LinkedIn, and social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.