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Video CV and personal branding in the UAE job market

Experts in the field of job marketing sat in and shared their knowledge on the emerging trends of video Curriculum Vitae (CV) and personal branding in the UAE in The Jobs Talk Show, hosted by Sohaib Hasan, July 10.

i12WRK organises workshop for job seekers in the UAE - KT published the event, we are sharing the same article with you.

i12WRK, a leading job portal in the UAE, has initiated a unique series of 'The Jobs Talk by Sohaib Hasan' to support aspiring job seekers by sharing market information, job tips and strategies to find employment in the UAE

Job Seekers meet recruiter on the job market organized by i12WRK

The volatile job market is the trending topic of discussion around the world at the moment. As the pandemic continues to take on newer forms, the job market is even reshaping and adapting to what we now know as the new normal.

Fatima got a job using i12WRK and sent us this video, which we are sharing with you.

Thank you Fatima for your kind words and for allowing us to share your experience with our connections.

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The future is NOT scary,

There is a world of opportunities and career development.”

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Say's Pegah Gol

A self-achiever, from job seeker to a successful businesswoman, her journey has been full of challenges that strengthen her ability to overcome obstacles and led her to the outstanding achievements in life, such as becoming Amazon's #1 best-selling Author; of her job-hunting book “The Formula.”

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Video cover letter sample from Robert De Niro

An all-time favourite for inspiration

Happy 49th UAE National Day!

Salute to the #SpiritoftheUnion

“The race for excellence has no finish line.”

Quote by H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم

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