i12WRK expert preps students in acing their job application

i12WRK provided students tips on how to get hold of their target jobs

Vibe Your Career amplifies i12WRK ‘Job Tank’

Be one of the lucky five (5) candidates to experience this rare opportunity from building your resume and grooming until landing your job interview.

An Insight into ‘Jobs of the Future’

For some educational institutions, STEM will determine the job market in the years ahead.

Staying Tuned, Getting Louder: i12WRK Goes ‘On Air’ at Vibe FM 105.4

The leading online job portal in the UAE amplifies its reach for bolder and louder career empowerment.

i12WRK Update August 2022

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Eid Al-Adha 2022!

Eid Mubarak!

Tracing the Footsteps of Success: The Journey of Kamal Osman Jamjoom

How a man from humble beginnings brought about a business boom in the region.

TikTok to showcase videos for UAE youth, focus on emerging jobs

Key opinion leaders with coveted jobs to be brought together to promote informative videos

Job Alert: Emirates at the top of world hiring boom

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) marks a staggering rise in the global job employment rating.

UAE labour law: Can I withdraw my resignation after filing it?

What happens if a worker fails to mention a notice period in their resignation letter?

i12WRK: Going the Extra Mile

Aware of the competitive nature of the job market, i12WRK remains committed to being a reliable partner of seekers and providers for successful job placement.

Job seekers shared responses about, "The Best way to secure a Job”

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Brighter 2022: More Jobs and Higher Salary in the UAE

If you are looking for a sign to pursue your job search in the UAE, this is it: more jobs and increased salaries await in the year 2022.

In demand Jobs in UAE for the next 10 Years

Article Published in Gulfnews

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Happy Holidays!

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Job seekers shared responses and understanding about the Hiring Process

Happy 50th UAE National Day!

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Why did the recruiter not call?

Primary points that should be kept in mind to grab hold of the recruiter’s attention

Customer response expert shares tips on job employment with i12WRK

How job seekers can increase the rate of getting a job on i12WRK portal