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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Are jobs on i12WRK only available in the United Arab Emirates

No, i12WRK also caters jobs in Dubai, the Gulf region countries and India as well.(Gulf region means complete area that covers UAE,Abu Dhabi,Dubai,Sharjah,Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Bahrain)

What are the countries in the Gulf region?

Countries in the gulf region are, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Do I need to pay any amount on registering with i12WRK?

Registering with i12WRK is absolutely free. It is free of charge for creating your profile or for applying to jobs. Once you register with i12WRK, you are automatically added to i12WRK database and can apply to unlimited jobs.

How is creating profile on i12WRK can help me?

Creating profile on i12WRK gives you these advantages: 1. You are a click away to apply to jobs - job seekers can use their email ID and password to log in to i12WRK and apply to jobs. 2. Get jobs matching your profiles - Job seekers receive jobs matching their profile on their email ID and within the app once you are logged in on our Android and iOS i12WRK app. 3. Log in to the mobile app or site for jobs on the go - You can log in to our desktop site or mobile app with your registered credentials. You can update your profile right away and apply to unlimited jobs.

What functions to choose when creating a profile? Is Function and Industry the same?

Functions is the department of the company you work or you want to work for, while Industry is the sector the company operates in. For example, you work for a Supermarket. Your Industry is retail and your function is FMCG (Fast-Moving consumer goods)

What should I mention as my nationality?

Your nationality is the country of which you are a citizen. It is not the country which you are currently residing, For example, You are a citizen of India but working in the UAE, your nationality would be Indian.

What should I write on my preferred location?

Your preferred location should be the place where you want to work at. For example, you are currently working in Dubai but planning to move in the biggest state of the UAE, you can write Abu Dhabi as your preferred location.

When to select out of the country when creating profile?

You can select 'out of the country' If you are currently to the place you are residing while applying to jobs in the UAE. For example, You want to apply jobs in Dubai while you are in the Philippines.

What should be in my Key skills?

Key skills are a set of skills that you have acquired through your education, training, work or even real life experiences.

What should I select on my earliest joining date?

Your earliest joining date is the exact date when you want to be part of the company or begin to work in the company. For example, you got hired on May 24th and you want to start working on May 30th. Your earliest joining date is May 30th.

I am a fresher in the job market without work experience or have never worked before. What should I enter on my i12WRK profile?

If you are a fresh job seeker without any working experience applying on i12WRK. You can write fresher or Fresh Graduate on your about me. You can write the job you are targeting, in which industry and designation. You can also showcase some of the skills you learned back when you were schooling.

Can I upload my CV on MS word format?

Yes definitely, job seekers are allowed to upload their CV whether on MS word or pdf format but must not be exceeding on the required size of the file.

What kind of certificate should I upload on my i12WRK profile?

Job seekers are allowed to upload any certificate you have whether certificate from education, training, work or seminars ensuring it will add value on your application.

What should be in my Video Cover letter? Is it a video of my cover letter or a video of my self-introduction?

A video cover letter is a recorded introduction of yourself and your accomplishments along with your resume or CV. Your video cover letter aims to reach your prospective employer instead of a traditional letter. Your video cover letter is a new way to help you stand out as a potential candidate of the job.

How does my profile appear to the employer?

When an employer searches through the i12WRK database, by filtering the job title/any keywords or through the applications received from the posted jobs, Your profile will be displayed.

How long should I make my Video cover letter / CV?

Your Video cover letter is advisable to be a minute or less. It your self-introductory to catch recruiters attention and allows them to assess your communications skills.

What is the first step to apply for a job at

You will first have to create a profile on i12WRK with all the necessary details being complete. Make sure you are logged-in before applying. On the homepage, there is a search button - you can fill out the location, write the job title you are targeting, expected salary and function. You will have to tap the red balloons on the map, read the job description and apply.

What happens after I apply for a job at

Your application will be sent automatically to the employer and will go through a filtration process. In case you are shortlisted or selected, you will be receiving a mail and notification from the app.

I have applied to multiple jobs on i12WRK ( example: Jobs in Dubai & UAE ) and have not received any response yet. What's the status of my application?

All applicants who applied for the post are automatically sent to the employer who posted the jobs. Therefore, it is the Employer's decision to respond to the candidate application. i12WRK is a platform that lets you discover jobs around you and employers to receive your applications.

Can I apply to same job twice?

No, You can only apply to the same job only once from your account. (For Example: Lets assume your a fresher jobs in Dubai or in a specific company, each job has a reference number for this particular reference number if you have already applied you cannot apply again but if there are other fresher jobs or other jobs in the same company with a different reference number then you can apply

Is there a limit to the number of jobs I can apply to through i12WRK?

No, there are no limits to the jobs you can apply to. Your profile will be automatically sent to the employers for each and every application you made. However, it is highly advice to read the job description and requirements of the job carefully before applying.

When I try to apply to certain jobs, I am redirected to their website. Why does this happen?

All jobs posted on i12wrk are direct from companies.In certain cases within Dubai and the Gulf some companies have thier own internal recruitment systems whereinthe company wants all candidate information to be populated within their website thus the job gets directed to their website.

Can I get job opportunities to work for other Gulf countries while I am currently residing in the UAE?

Yes for sure if you are selected and provided with all the work documents required to work in the specific country within the Gulf you can work anywhere.

I searched for jobs on i12WRK but could not find any that is matching my profile. What should I do,my interest is to work in Dubai?

If jobs matching your profile are not immediately available, Please write to us at Please mention the Key Skills/Designations, experience, functional area to help us understand the kind of jobs you are looking for. We will share you jobs matching these criteria as and when they are posted.

Can I contact the employer regarding my application?

Unless the employer or recruiter has provided you the contact details and has specifically requested you to contact him/her. Still it is not good to contact employers directly.

How does uploading a Video Cover letter helps my application?

Your Video Cover letter serves as your introduction pitch and a virtual screening, In this way your potential employer will have an overview about your communication skills, creativity and confidence.

Can I send my CV to i12WRK through email?

Yes you can, but we encourage you to create an account on i12WRK and have your CV uploaded on your profile. The more your profile is complete the higher your chance is to get shortlisted by the employer.

Where can I track my applications on i12WRK?

As far as jobs are concerned, you can track your application via "My applications" feature on your i12WRK account. If employers viewed or shortlist your profile, this will be displayed on your "My applications".

Does i12WRK guarantee that I will get hired?

We do not guarantee job placement to all job seekers, However, 12WRK guarantees you genuine jobs and opportunities around Gulf region and is proud to share 80% fulfillment rate. Note that hiring process is all handled by the employer directly.

How do I ensure that I will be considered for current or future job vacancies through i12WRK?

We recommend to stay active applying to job openings that are a good match for your skills. Being active on i12WRK keeps you updated with the latest job opportunities being posted by the employers, in this way, you will not miss out any opportunities.

When do I follow up after an interview?

The best way to have your question answered is to ask the interviewer during your interview. Always ask when you should follow up to your interviewer.

Should I use a separate resume for every job that I am applying to on i12WRK?

Yes, We do advise to have modifications or customize your resume for each and every job you apply to. Make sure your CV matches the required skills and includes relevant keywords requested in the job description.

Do I need to mention my salary expectation on my resume/CV?

It would be best to include and appropriate to put your expected salary in your resume when they ask for it. You can give a range so that you will have room for negotiation. Do not give the recruiter an impression that you are only after the money.

Is it practical and upfront to ask the interviewer about the salary offer?

It is practical however, it is our best advice not to ask about the salary offer boldly, wait until they start to bring up about the salary.

I saw multiple positions on the website/app, should I apply to all?

Yes, you can. But you have to take note that each position has a dedicated recruiter assigned to it. When you apply to a position, the recruiter is notified of your interest and will follow up with you in the event your skills match the requirements of the position.

I saw the Dubai job vacancy on i12WRK with the company name, Is it better to apply online or go for walk-in?

Recruiters/Hiring managers mostly prefer to receive applications via emails or from their account on i12WRK. You can only go for walk-in when they allow candidates or invite to come to their office on the job post.

How can I stand out on i12WRK when there are so many candidates applying?

To stand out on i12WRK, you tailor your application material (resume) to each position you apply to And use relevant keywords. You have to make sure your profile is complete with a Video Cover letter.

I am currently employed but wanted to have a job changed, should I quit my job and focus on applying or apply while working until I secure a job offer?

Focusing on applying to jobs is a good thing. However, It is our best suggestion to manage your time working and applying. We want you securing an offer first before leaving your job.

How can I find the jobs on i12WRK? I cannot see the lists of the jobs.

i12WRK uses geo-location technology to locate jobs near you which significantly saves your money and time. To see the jobs, You can tap the red dots on the i12WRK map and review the job description and apply.

Is it necessary to put reference on my resume?

It is your own decision if you would like to consider writing references on your resume. To save more spaces on the resume, you can mention “References available upon request”

I got multiple offers from the companies, which one should I take?

When you receive multiple offers from different companies, It is important to tell your future employer that you need time to consider. With that time, you'll be able to compare the jobs to determine which is the best fit for you.

Is it important to attach photo on the resume when applying to jobs in the Gulf region countries?

Yes, Attaching a professional photo can increase your profile’s perceived credibility. Also, employers want to see a complete profile and having an attached photo gives an impression.

Is i12WRK an agency?

No, i12WRK is not an employment agency. i12WRK is a job platform that advertise professional and genuine job opportunities. Our platform connects job seekers to the employers in the most efficient way.

Do you have any services to help speed up my application?

Yes, we do have services for job seekers. We have for CV Writing, Video Intro guide, Interview coaching and Featured candidate.

Does i12WRK offers career coaching or resume help?

Yes, absolutely! We do provide a paid service for CV writing to help you stand-out your resume/CV, assuring all relevant words are aligned and good for ATS. Along with this, you can have some guidelines or tips from the expert with regards to applying to jobs in the Gulf region.

Does i12WRK provide visa for job seekers?

i12WRK does not provide any visa to the job seekers. We are a platform that help job seekers discover new job opportunities and connect with the employers by applying to their job post. It is the employer's responsibility to provide visa, medical insurance, and fair compensation to the job seekers once hired.

I have registered my email ID and mobile on i12WRK, but when I sign-in it says email is not verified? Why does this happen?

It is a two-way verification, if it shows email is not verified it means you have not successfully verified your email ID on i12WRK. You can try to sign-in with your registered mobile number on i12WRK assuring it has no zero.

I have registered my email ID and mobile on i12WRK, but when I sign-in it says invalid credentials? What should I do?

It is highly advise to double check your log-in credentials before signing-in making assure it has no extra symbols, signs or extra spaces.

I mistakenly log-out my i12WRK profile but when I try to sign-in with my email, it says email is not verified. I also try to sign in with my registered mobile it says invalid credentials. Why does this happen?

Upon signing-in you were not able to verify your email. Also, signing-in with mobile number and password, still shows up invalid credentials this is because you mistakenly have put zero on your mobile upon registering on i12WRK.

I am a job seeker but mistakenly registered as a job provider, Can I re-register as job seeker with the same credentials?

No, you are not allowed to register with the same log-in credentials. You will have to request the i12WRK Team to delete your provider account so you can go through registering to seekers account.

I have registered on i12WRK but I forgot my password. What do I do?

Recovering your password from i12WRK is a very simple process. Please click on the "Forgot Password" on the Login page. Forgot Password link is also available on our mobile site (on the Login page) and on our iPhone and Android apps (on the login screens) 1. On the Forgot Password page, please enter your verified credential either email ID or mobile. 2. We will immediately send you a link on your verified credential that will let you reset your password.

I want to change my name on my i12WRK profile, Is there an option for changing or editing names?

No, there is no option to edit nor change names. However, we advise to write your full name on your about me or mention your full name on your Video Cover letter (self-introduction)

How do I change my mail settings? I don’t want to receive certain email notifications from i12WRK

Please follow the following steps: 1. Log in to i12WRK using your verified credentials. 2. Go to "Settings" and disable "Emails".

I already got a job and wish not to be visible to employers as active candidate. How should I do that?

Please follow the following steps: 1. Log in to i12WRK using your verified credentials. 2. Go to "Settings" and disable "Visibility to Employer". Your account will not be visible in employer searches as an active candidate.

I want to change my email ID and contact details.

Please make sure both credentials are verified before changing. Please follow the following steps: 1. Log in to i12WRK using your verified credentials. 2. Go to "Settings" and select "Change email address" and vice versa.

How do I deactivate my account on i12WRK?

There is an option to suspend account instead of deactivating. Please follow the following steps: 1. Log in to i12WRK using your verified credentials. 2. Go to "Settings" and click "Suspend account" you can choose depending on your preferred length of time.

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